The Author

The Prophet’s Wife

By Milton Steinberg
Foreword by Ari L. Goldman
Commentaries by Rabbi Harold S. Kushner and Norma Rosen

About The Author

Edith and Milton Steinberg
Photo courtesy of Dr. David Steinberg

The late Milton Steinberg is the author of the literary masterpiece As a Driven Leaf, first published in 1939 and still regarded as a major influence on contemporary Jewish life and thought. Steinberg died in 1950 while working on The Prophet’s Wife, which is now in print for the first time.

By Milton Steinberg

“Imposing . . . remarkably effective.”

New York Times

“Perhaps so completely frustrated a life has never before been presented in fiction. Sheer beauty!”

Christian Herald

“A windswept novel of a turbulent age strangely like our own.”

Chicago Daily News

Ari L. Goldman is the author of The Search for God at Harvard and Being Jewish, and the former religion correspondent for the New York Times.

Rabbi Harold S. Kushner is the author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People.

Norma Rosen is the author of Touching Evil and Biblical Women Unbound.